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Whilst yet another Chinese engine manufacturer, EME have had stunning reviews by users in the United States, EME have seen the short comings of the other offerings, more accurate machining, component selection, superior bearings, attention to detail and meticulous assembly have produced lighter and more reliable engine that has less vibration and is easier to start. Genuine Walbro Carbs are on all engines. Revised throttle and choke arms and RCExel ignition units are standard features..
All our engines come with an 18 month warranty with service here in the UK ,what other manufacturer gives you this! We also carry a comprehensive inventory of parts and accessories
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Autostart Bearing only

Bearing to fit the autostart system

Autostart woodruff key with tang

Autostart woodruff key with tang

Cannister silencer for 30cc engines

Cannister silencer for 30cc engines. Fits eme and dle engines.

Cannister silencer for 60cc engines

Cannister silencer for 60cc engines. Fits eme and dle engines.

EME/DLE Petrol Engine header gaskets

Header gaskets to fit the EME/Dle petrol engines

EME70 Two into One canister silencer

EME70 Two into One canister silencer for the EME 70 engines. this uses two EME35 headers, dimensions for those can be found on the EME35 canister listing. The canister for this application measures 60mm in diameter and is 33cm long, from inlets to the end of the canister.