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Falcon Carbon Electric 18x10 prop

Manufacturer: Falcon

Falcon Carbon Electric Propellor for electric model aircraft.

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Here we have the perfect solution to securing your Flowmax fuel tanks exactly where you want them. Available as a custom fit for every tank size in both the Lightweight and Heavy duty series of fuel tanks they assemble in minutes and come with a cushioned pad. Typically a 32oz tank will weigh around 1.5lbs with Hi-Alpha 3D manoeuvres that can mean a lot of kinetic energy, a loose fuel tank can spell disaster! Fit a tank cradle for total confidence.

3.00in - Cone - drilled EME/DLE bolt pattern, precut for larger props

All our spinners are meticulously balanced and lighten back plates. They are precut for two blade props and maybe predrilled please see each individual description.