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Falcon Classic Civilian 22x8 Prop

Manufacturer: Falcon

Falcon Classic Civilian Prop

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Autostart system for theNGH 38cc 4 stroke engine

This is our new Autostart system for the popular NGH 38cc 4 stroke engine. With a revised engine mount and variable timing adjustment the Autostart system transforms this unit into a very compact super smooth starting and operating engine. This notorious vibrating, finger biting engine has now been transformed to run like a Swiss watch! This unit will find favour with Scale Modellers for sure.

Instructions for the NGH AutoStart system

Auto start switch

The Autostart switch provides the means to transfer the power from the starter battery to the starter motor on your Autostart unit remotely from an assigned switch or button on your transmitter. It uses a spare channel on your receiver and is extremely easy to install. This item comes free with the purchase of one of our starter kit