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NGH 38 four stroke autostart

The NGH 38 autostart respresent excellent valuve for money for the modeller wanting a scale like exhaust note. In its standard form without the autostart due to its lack of mass and way to advanced timing it is prone to vibration and a notorious finger biter! The autostart version tames and transforms the engine making it a delight to operate. Please see the video. Available as a kit for your own engine or as a complete unit.

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NGH 38cc 4 stroke engine including Auto Start Kit (fitted)

Lighter, smoother and more powerful than engines of a similar capacity with a knock out price make this a very popular engine.

Instructions for the NGH AutoStart system

Autostart system for theNGH 38cc 4 stroke engine

This is our new Autostart system for the popular NGH 38cc 4 stroke engine. With a revised engine mount and variable timing adjustment the Autostart system transforms this unit into a very compact super smooth starting and operating engine. This notorious vibrating, finger biting engine has now been transformed to run like a Swiss watch! This unit will find favour with Scale Modellers for sure.

Instructions for the NGH AutoStart system