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Plastic 'T' pieces

Suitable for 1/8 ID tubing, two per bag
Manufacturer: Propguy

Suitable for 1/8 ID tubing, two per bag

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Tygon Tubing

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations! Genuine Saint Gobain Tygon tubing. Priced Per Metre.

Type A Drill Jig (EME/DLE/DLA)

Type A suitable for EME/DLE/DLA 30, 35,55, DA 50, EVO54, etc

Auto start Kit for EME35

Add electric start to your model! No more bad backs or scrabbling about on the ground! No more flipping a prop! Not just the bling value safer starting without risk of injury. Simply assign it to a switch and start your motor with the push of a butting/flip of a switch. Drive gear incorporates a one way bearing so power is not transferred back to the motor. The unit can be retro fitted to your existing engine!

Painted Scimitar – WWI - 12x6 prop

Xoar Beechwood props are manufactured from the finest German Beech and have long been the choice of the world’s top scale modelers. The range of WW1 profiles is unrivaled and the Axial laminated prop design is exclusive to Propguy. Xoar WW1 props are simply the’ must have’ for any serious scale modeler available from the smallest to the largest sizes. The WW2 range are prepainted and available in two and three blade sizes.

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