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R35 Frenzy - Short Kit

CNC Laser Cut Component Kit.

Kits can be collected at a pre-arranged UK model shows or delivered direct.

Manufacturer: Steve Kasch Designs

Introducing the amazing new R35 (R for Racing and 35 for 35cc engine). A low wing monoplane capturing the spirit of 1930’s air racers. With a wingspan of 90 inches and an engine range of 20cc to 40cc, this is no small model. However, thanks to the clever modular design, the ‘Frenzy’ disassembles into four pieces for easy transportation, the biggest piece measuring just 45 inches long. With an all-up flying weight of just 5½ kilograms, the wing loading is low which encourages excellent flying qualities and makes this aircraft an excellent first low wing model.

The real purpose of the ‘Frenzy’ is to provide a platform for the EME 35 engine for the new R35 Cup (pylon racing series) being promoted by ourselves and supported by the Flyboyz Display Team. The aim is to gather a group of likeminded flyers to actively take part in social events, races and flying displays in a pylon racing type display where each member will be provided with their own unique racing number. Let’s bring back some fun to model flying!

This laser cut construction kit comes complete with all of the required laser cut components, its very own printed build manual and access to an 'online' build manual. Additional items such as balsa sheet & strip, wing joiner, nose cowling, undercarriage and accessories will be required to complete construction.