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Retro Junior

Retro Junior

Following on from the success of our 'Retro' 3 in 1 design, we have produced a smaller smaller version designed for electric and glow engine propulsion. This aircraft maintains the quick build construction of its bigger brother with the prototype being built and covered in less than a twenty four building hours.

The Retro Junior still comes with the choice of three different tail sections as does its bigger brother so that the builder can choose between German, French or English variants allowing for individual customisation all in the one box.

Maintaining the laser cut self jigging construction, this aircraft builds up very rapidly into an attractive vintage looking aircraft.

The two piece  60 inch wing allows the model to be packed into any car for a days flying and regardless of your skill level, everyone will enjoy flying this one.

Building into a model weighing around 5lbs gives very low wing loading which makes this model very well behaved and suitable as a primary trainer fitted with either a 'glow' engine or electric setup. However, don't be fooled, this model is no slouch in experienced hands.

  • Two piece wing allowing this model to be transported in the smallest car but with fast rapid assembly at the field.
  • Choice of Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) or Aluminimum cowling in two lengths.
  • Wingspan 60 inches, Length 45 inches.
  • Builds to around 5lbs giving light wing loading and making it perfect for electric conversion.
  • Need and engine or radio equipment, covering hardware we have it all. Save big! 10% discount on all items you need after buying the kit. These need not be bought at the same time, take as long as you need the discount still applies.

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Retro Junior - Spares

Retro Junior Replacement Laser Cut Components.

Retro Junior - Short Kit

Containing all of the high precision laser cut plywood components required to construct the aircraft. Please note that additional items are required to construct the model as shown.