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Clevis Pliers

An absolute boon when rigging and de-rigging models with metal clevis’s. No more broken nails or screwdrivers damaging the model. Unbelievably efficient, you’ll wonder why they haven’t been thought of before now.

Propeller Reamer

Stepped for 5mm,1/4",5/16",3/8". Longer edge than other reamers, sharper too than most brands for accurate sizing.

Type A Drill Jig (EME/DLE/DLA)

Type A suitable for EME/DLE/DLA 30, 35,55, DA 50, EVO54, etc

Type B Drill Jig (EME120/DLE111/222/DA85)

Type B suitable for EME120, DLE111/222 DA85, 3W 50,55,  MVVS58 etc.